Sky+ app

Sky+ App

The Sky+ app is the best way to discover and manage all of your programmes on your smart phone or tablet device. The app is compatible with the voice-over technology in Android and iOS devices. Through the use of gestures and touch, the text to speech software describes each item on the screen. Using the app, you can search, browse, select and record all your favourite shows and download hundreds of movies in the Sky Store.

Download instructions

Follow the steps below to download and begin using the Sky+ app.

  1. You can download the app in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Log into the app with your Sky ID which is the same as your username and password for My Sky.
  3. If you have multiple Sky+HD boxes you can select which box to record and download programmes to. Go into settings, recordings and downloads and select the box you want. 
  4. In settings you can also view your Sky account, connect to your Sky+HD box, edit your favourite channels and much more.

Voice-over instructions

On iOS

Apple’s operating system iOS has a Text to Speech software called ‘VoiceOver’ which provides audio for navigation within the iPhone or iPad.

Please visit Apple's accessibility website for more details and instructions.

On Android

Android is the operating system developed by Google. The Text To Speech functionality is called TalkBack.

Please visit Android's accessibility website for more details and instructions.

Additional Information

  • To access the full service Customers should connect their Sky+HD box and make sure their mobile or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network. For information on how to connect a Sky+HD box visit
  • Your Apple or Android device also provides a user guide with instructions on how to set up and use VoiceOver or Talkback
  • VoiceOver and Talkback functions are not compatible with the remote control gestures or the TV Guide Grid view
  • Within the TV Guide, the Now & Next view should be used to see current and forthcoming shows instead of the Grid view