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Subtitles are the written representation of the dialogue and sound effects, making it possible for deaf and hard of hearing people to enjoy programmes on Sky TV.

Audio Description speaker

Audio description

Audio description is an additional commentary that describes the action taking place, making it possible for blind and partially sighted people to enjoy programmes on Sky TV.

A woman is signing in front of a green screen

Sign language

Dialogue from a film or television programme is translated into British Sign Language (BSL) by an interpreter, making it possible for Deaf and hard of hearing people to enjoy programmes on Sky TV.

Accessibility Sky TV set-up-homepage

Accessible Sky TV Guide

You can set up the accessibility features you need, such as subtitles or audio description options, and select the Sky Guide with a high contrast colour scheme and bolder font to make it easier to navigate

Sky+ app

Sky+ App

With voice-over compatibility on mobile and tablet devices, the Sky+ app makes it easier for our blind and partially sighted customers to find the programmes they want to watch.

Sky+ Easy grip remote control

Remote control

The Sky+ easy grip remote control has all the features of the regular Sky remote control, but it's designed specifically for people with reduced dexterity, and for blind and partially sighted people.

Two alternative forms of communication: A large print page and an Audio CD

Alternative formats

Sky can provide correspondence in alternative formats. We can send letters and invoices in Braille, large print or on audio CD. We work with the RNIB, to transcribe letters and invoices to our customers into alternative formats.