Spell checking and typing

Spelling and typing can be challenging for many people. You can do several things on your computer that help make them both easier.

Spell checking and typing in web pages

You can use your browser to help with spell checking and typing on web pages. Most popular browsers include these features as standard.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer doesn't include help for spell checking or typing as standard. If you use Internet Explorer 9 you can install a plugin that adds spell checking and typing help to your browser. Here are some suggestions:


Firefox checks spelling automatically. You can turn this feature on or off.

The check spelling option in firefox.

In Firefox's options, select the Advanced tab, then General and check the box marked Check my spelling as I type,

You can find more information on the Mozilla website:

Safari & Chrome

Both Safari and Chrome check spelling automatically.

Spell checking and typing in documents

Writing documents often means a lot of text. Popular programmes such as Microsoft Word include spell checking and typing help.

Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word the spell checker will help you with spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. You can find more on spell checking in: