Computer help

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A large mouse cursor on screen

Making things bigger

Many computer programs allow you to increase the size of things on screen, including websites, documents and even your mouse pointer.

A selections of different font

Changing colours and fonts

Changing colours and fonts can make things easier to read. You can change them for web pages, or for your whole computer.

Woman using voice recognition software

Voice recognition

Voice recognition makes it possible to talk to your computer. You can open programmes, dictate text, and carry out many other tasks using your voice.

Computer Headphones

Speech output

Speech output makes it easier to use your computer if you find it difficult to see the screen. You can listen to web pages and documents, as well as menus, buttons and icons.

Standard Mouse and Keyboard

Mouse and keyboard adjustments

Most people use a mouse and keyboard to control a computer. You can make changes to the way your mouse and keyboard behave so they become even easier to use.

Example spell check

Spell checking and typing

Spelling and typing can be challenging for many people. You can do several things on your computer that help make them both easier.