Your new and improved Sky+

20th Aug 2015

TV screen with Boxtrolls image

Sky+ is being updated to bring lots of improvements to existing features in your Sky Guide, to make your experience with Sky even better. If your Sky+HD box is compatible, you’ll receive this update over the coming weeks. 

To make the most of the fantastic new features, please make sure your compatible Sky+HD box is connected to your home broadband network. We think you'll love them all but we've highlighted a few below and there are loads more for you to discover. 

Find out more about how to connect your your Sky+HD box to your home broadband network

Sky Movies improvements

Watch From Start

Missing the beginning of a movie is a thing of the past. When you see the Watch From Start message on your screen during a film on any Sky Movies channel, you can press green to download it to your Planner and then watch it from the beginning.  Currently subtitles and Audio Description are not available for the Watch from Start function.

 screenshot of watch from start menu option wiht Boxtrolls in the background


More Like This

Pressing yellow on a selected title in Sky Movies helps you to discover more movies we think you might enjoy, based on similar genres or actors.

 screenshort showing the More Like This menu


Ratings – coming soon

With so many great movies, we’ve made your choice even easier by introducing Rotten Tomato audience ratings on Sky Movies.

From Planner

Behind the Sky Movies tile, you’ll find all your downloaded and recorded movies in one place, your new Sky Movies Planner. 


Use Watchlist to create your own personalised list of movies to download and watch later.  Add movies to your Watchlist by pressing the green button when browsing through Sky Movies.

screenshot of the Watchlist Menu


Homepage improvements

Personalise your Homepage

You can now select either the Kids or Sports tile to appear on your Sky+ Homepage.

 Screenshot of Homepage Personalisation Menu

Just go into your Options menu and select Customise. You’ll see an option called Homepage Personalisation. From there, use the left/right arrow buttons on your remote control to choose either Kids or Sports.  Press green to save any changes to your settings.


When will my Sky+HD box be updated?

We’ll be updating all compatible Sky+HD boxes over the next few weeks, so you might see these new features on your TV before or after your friends. Once you check your model number, you’ll be able to find when to expect your update using the table below.


Sky+HD Box type

Version no. begins

When to expect your update

Amstrad DRX890


Coming soon

Amstrad DRX890W 


Coming soon

Amstrad DRX895


Coming soon

Amstrad DRX895W


Coming soon

Amstrad DRX595 Multiscreen


Incompatible - will not be updated

Amstrad DRX780


Incompatible - will not be updated

Pace HD


Incompatible - will not be updated

Samsung HD


Incompatible - will not be updated

Thomson HD


Incompatible - will not be updated


Movies On Demand: Downloading content requires compatible black Sky+ box, broadband connection (minimum recommended speed 2 Mbps), On Demand self set-up using built-in Wi-Fi or own cable or On Demand Connector (£21.95 – limits apply). Downloads count towards any broadband usage cap and may expire from your planner. Content depends on your Sky TV /HD subscription. Sky Movies also available through Now TV, Powered by Sky. Sky Movies Pack required for Sky Movies. New Sky Movies features available on your Sky+ box by 31 October 2015. Sky Movies subscription and broadband connection required.