Sky Talker

8th Feb 2011


Sky talker unit with leads and user guide


For the first time Sky customers will be able to hear some of the on screen text. It will vocalise the search and scan banner, programme synopsis information and Sky+ functionality such as play, pause and rewind - making navigation easier and quicker for blind and partially sighted customers.

Almost 2 million people in the UK have sight problems, around 100 people every day begin to lose their sight and the number of people with sight problems is predicted to double by 2050.

Sky Talker will integrate seamlessly with the Sky+ and Sky Digi boxes so customers can continue to use their existing service without having to learn a new User Interface.

Sky’s dedicated Accessible Customer Service team will be on hand to help any customers with queries regarding the product. You can contact them on 0844 241 0333.

Sky Talker is available to customers for £60.

Sky has developed the Sky Talker in partnership with RNIB - the UK’s leading charity offering information, support and advice to almost two million people with sight loss.

Assisted Install

Sky can offer an assisted install service where an engineer will go around and install and demonstrate the device to the customer if required.

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