Sky Supports International Day for Disabled People

23rd Nov 2010

Celebrating United Nations International Day of Disabled People

As members of the Broadcasters and Creative Industries Disability Network, Sky will be supporting the United Nations International Day of Disabled People on Friday 3rd December. 

Sky 3

We have scheduled programming on Sky 3 from Monday to Friday, week commencing 29th November every night at 9pm.  We will use agreed continuity ‘Sky Supporting International Day of Disabled People’ and also include a graphic of the BCIDN logo post programme (to be finalised) which other broadcasters will also use. 

We are also looking into taking Community Channel content on Anytime.  This is to be confirmed.

Programmes include:
- Monday 29th November Child Frozen in Time - Brooke Greenberg is 16 and lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with her parents and three sisters, of which she is second youngest. While she may sound like an ordinary teenager, Brooke is quite unlike others of her age – she is the still the same size she was when she was just six months old.
- Tuesday 30th November Crippendales - Lee Kemp wants to be a stripper. The only trouble is that he’s in a wheelchair. Lee sets himself the task of finding and training from scratch a stripping troupe – all with disabilities. With a final performance booked to climax in one of the UK’s rowdiest Hen Night clubs, can the boys pull it off ?
- Wednesday 1st December A Mother Like Alex - This is a documentary about one of the UK’s most remarkable mothers – Alex Bell. She is the very proud parent of eight children with special needs, seven of whom have Down’s syndrome. But what makes Alex so remarkable is that she chose to be a parent to these children with their individual challenges – she’s adopted seven of them and is the foster mother to the eighth one.
- Thursday 2nd December War Torn Warriors (Part 1) - Britain’s heroes of the battlefield embark on a remarkable journey to help them return to active life. Ten injured Royal Marine Commandos bearing the terrible wounds of war - some double amputees, some facially disfigured and others mentally scarred – attempt to climb Mount Everest as part of their rehabilitation from front line to civvie street. 
- Friday 3rd December War Torn Warriors (Part 2) - (see above)

Third Party Channels

The Biography Channel

The Biography Channel has scheduled programmes on Thursday 2nd at 6pm and Friday 3rd at 6pm. 

Programmes include:

- Marathon Love – Thursday 2nd Dec @ 18.00hrs  In 1987, Jamie Parks and Lynne McGovern were living a storybook romance but in the midst of planning their wedding, Lynn was in a near-fatal car accident that left her in a coma for seven months. When Lynn finally came out of the coma, she had to re-learn how to talk and walk.
- Gill Hicks: Surviving 7/7 – Friday 3rd Dec @ 18.00hrs - Gill Hicks was the last person to be rescued from her train in the London bombings of 7th July 2005.

The Community Channel
Support for Disability Day begins on The Community Channel on Friday 3rd and continues on Saturday/Sunday featuring programmes on how disabled people survive and thrive:

Programmes include: 
- Crip on a Trip (18 year old backpacking round Europe in a wheelchair)
- Pushing The Limits (following a rowdy paralympic tennis player)
- Brighter Horizons (sailing round India with Disabilities)
- AccessAbility (charity shorts compilations)
- Mediabox Disability Specials (3 x 30)
- Let’s Go Dancing on Ice 
- Living with Aspergers 
- Sense compilation (DeafBlind Awareness)
- Untold Stories (charity shorts)

Other broadcasters’ activity tbc

BCIDN will be preparing a press release which I will circulate for input and sign off.


Daniella Vega Oct 2010