Sky and Audio Description.

21st May 2013

  Speach bubble with AD  

We've long had a commitment to ensuring all our customers can make the most of Sky.

That's why we launched our 'Accessible Customer Service Team' nearly ten years ago and why we were the first broadcaster to voluntarily provide audio description (AD) on more than 20 per cent of our programming.

Sky Atlantic

Throughout 2012, we provided AD across the 22 channels, and also voluntarily added AD to new channels like Sky Atlantic. We felt that this was the right thing to do for our blind and partially-sighted customers, especially given the high profile nature and popularity of the channel and its content.

Ofcom 2012 access services result

Ofcom recently published the performance of all broadcasters against the regulated levels of access service provision and we're proud to say that, on average, we provided AD at 26 per cent. This is 16 per cent higher than the Ofcom target and some highlights in our performance include:

  • Sky Movies Comedy - 41.5 per cent
  • Sky Movies Family - 40 per cent
  • Sky1 - 24 per cent
  • Pick TV - 29.7 per cent

With the continued growth of on-demand and catch-up TV, we're aware of the need to ensure that our access service provision follows customer demand. We're looking at ways to overcome the challenges of adding access services to programmes viewed on these platforms, and are supporting industry initiatives to share best practice around this issue.

In 2013, we'll continue to exceed the level of AD that we're required to provide and we intend to work with our customers and RNIB to ensure that we have a clear understanding of how to support our customers with sight loss in the future.

For further information about accessibility, please visit our website or call 08442 410333