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24th Mar 2011



Dancers pose with outstrached arms 

Our approach

The Bigger Picture is part of Sky’s approach to ensuring that we are being a responsible company, and doing the right thing for all of Sky’s stakeholders- including our customers, people, suppliers, and the society in which we live and work.  

The following principles set out the way in which we will do this, and are designed to provide a framework for our activities in the UK and Ireland and our operations. We will:


1. Operate our business day-to-day in a responsible manner, and strive to do the right thing for every part of Sky stakeholders, based on our understanding of their needs and expectations.

2. Work to foster a culture of doing the right thing and taking responsibility throughout our business so that our people will know how to act in a way that reflects these principles.

3. Create an environment where consumers can trust our products and services; and where they have the ability to consume our content with minimum risk.

4. Play our part in contributing positively to issues in society where Sky believes we have a unique opportunity to make a difference.  We focus on three areas which we think can have the biggest positive impact, which are helping to create a healthy environment, encouraging participation in sport, and bringing more of the arts to more people.  We also look for ways to enable our customers and people to join in with our efforts.

 To find out more about how we manage corporate responsibility at Sky and how it is governed, please read more in the relevant links.

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