The Accessibility Website has a new TV Guide.

29th Jan 2013

                                      Image of Whats on TV Page

At Sky we are committed to making our products and services inclusive and we have just updated the TV Guide section of our Accessibility website. The website was designed to provide customers with disabilities, in particular blind and partially-sighted customers, with a site that is fully accessible and offers information on Sky’s Accessible customer services, details of our accessibility products, methods for contacting Sky and many other great features.

The TV Guide still hosts all the great features customers found useful in the past (for example the ability to filter programme listings by those containing audio description or subtitles) but now there are even more!


With three ways to view the new guide customers can choose which one is best for them. The Grid format lists the channels in the first column then the programmes for the next two hours and can be moved in two hour blocks. A Magazine format, where the first column has time slots with programmes listed vertically. And finally, the Text format which is very similar to the original guide for people who prefer the familiarity. All three formats have top line filters that includeboth Regional and Access Service filters, making it easier to find local programmes with subtitles, audio description or sign language.