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Inside the Freemasons, Year 1, Ep1

Inside The Freemasons, Year 1, Ep1

Sky 1 HD / Sky Channel 217

Monday 17th April, 8pm

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Your new and improved Sky+

2nd Nov 2016

We're updating Sky+ to bring lots of improvements to existing features in your Sky Guide, to make your experience with Sky even better. If your Sky+HD box is compatible, you’ll receive this update over the next few weeks.

Sky+ is even more accessible

You can now choose to make the text on the Homepage and Services Homepage even larger. Just press services on your Sky remote, head to the Accessibility menu and turn on ‘Increase Homepage Font Size’. You can still use the ‘Increase Sky+ Contrast & Font Size’ setting to customise the font size and contrast throughout the whole of your Sky Guide.


Sky Talk and Broadband help

We are committed to making Sky products safe and easy to use by everyone, including our customers with disabilities. We offer a number of services to Sky Broadband and Sky Talk customers with accessibility requirements. Learn more about our services.

Sky TV help

The Simpsons, "I saw Sesame Street about it!".


Subtitles are the written representation of the dialogue and sound effects from a film or television programme making it possible for Deaf and hard of hearing people to enjoy programmes on Sky TV.

Preview of Audio Description VT at 1 second

Audio Description 

Audio Description is an additional commentary that describes the action taking place in a film or television programme, making it possible for blind and partially sighted people to enjoy programmes on Sky TV.


Accessibility Sky TV set-up-homepage

Sky+HD TV Guide

You can find Accessibility features, such as subtitles or audio description options, in the Settings section on your Sky+HD box. Select the options that best suit you to highlight accessible programmes, and choose your preferred display option.

There are also overviews of accessibility features such as Sign Language.

Computer help

A large mouse cursor on screen

Making things bigger

Many computer programs allow you to increase the size of things on screen, including websites, documents and even your mouse pointer.

A selections of different font

Changing colours and fonts

Changing colours and fonts can make things easier to read. You can change them for web pages, or for your whole computer.

Woman using voice recognition software

Voice recognition

Voice recognition makes it possible to talk to your computer. You can open programmes, dictate text, and carry out many other tasks using your voice.

There are more ways to get the most from your computer, including speech output, mouse and keyboard adjustments and help with spell checking and typing.

Customer Feedback

"As always everything was handled perfectly and I am totally happy with my service and the way I am treated" (customer with physical disability)

"Laura was extremely helpful and dealt with my problem efficiently" (customer with hearing loss)

"We always find the staff friendly and helpful" (customer with physical disability)